Are Bananas Good For Senior Dogs? (Benefits & Serving Suggestions)

‘Are bananas good for senior dogs?’ is a common question that owners of mature dogs ask. We know that bananas have many benefits for humans, but the benefits for dogs are less well-known.

Can Senior Dogs Eat Bananas, and Are They Good for Them?

If you want to know whether your senior dog can eat bananas, you need to know if they are good for them. You should also know about the potential side effects and risks.

They’re tasty and rich in health benefits, but are bananas good for senior dogs?

Today, we have brought in our resident senior dog, Honey, and her owner, to explain the benefits of bananas for senior dogs, as well as precautions and serving suggestions.

Key Banana Facts for Senior Dogs

  • Bananas, including banana peel, are not toxic for dogs
  • Feeding a senior dog banana can be a good way to increase potassium levels for heart, nerve, and muscle health
  • A senior dog should get all of their essential nutrients from their dog food
  • Too much banana can lead to excessive sugar intake, which may cause obesity and other health problems
  • Small senior dogs should only eat 2 or 3 pieces of banana per day
  • Larger seniors can eat up to half a banana every day

Should Senior Dogs Eat Bananas?

Should Senior Dogs Eat Bananas?​

Before you hand your dog a banana slice, let’s answer the question: “Are bananas good for dogs?”

As long as you use moderation, bananas can be very good for senior dogs. While some other fruits have parts that are toxic for dogs, both the banana peel and fruit are non-toxic for your canine companions. It’s best to peel bananas before giving them to senior dogs.

“That’s right! Orange peels can be toxic for us doggies and might get stuck in our digestive systems. The worst that will happen if we eat banana peel is a stomach upset from the extra fiber. Eating large quantities of banana peel could cause a blockage, but this is rare.”

Thanks, Honey! It’s also good to bear in mind that your senior dog should be eating a balanced, age-appropriate dog food formula. This means that you shouldn’t have to supplement nutrients like potassium (the main beneficial nutrient in bananas) with fruit.

“Woof, woof! I may not need bananas to be healthy in my old age, but that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate a little treat now and again!”

Why Are Bananas Good for Senior Dogs?

why are bananas good for senior dogs

When wondering, “Are bananas good for senior dogs?” it’s essential to delve into the nutritional content of this popular fruit. Bananas are a rich source of potassium, vitamins, and natural sugars, providing many health benefits for our aging canine friends.

“My owner says that only 10% of my daily calories should come from treats. Even though I shouldn’t need the extra nutrients if my dog food is balanced, bananas contain lots of potassium, which is important for mature dogs like me.”

Honey would eat treats all day if she could, but it’s important for senior dogs to get a nutritionally balanced diet to keep them healthy and strong for as long as possible. Although Honey gets plenty of potassium from her dog food, I like to make sure she gets a little extra potassium with a small serving of banana.

Potassium is an electrolyte; dogs of all ages need this nutrient for heart function and healthy nerves and muscles. Senior dogs are more prone to heart conditions, and as they naturally get less active, their muscles may need extra help staying strong. Age also increases a dog’s risk of neurological disorders.

Since potassium can help reduce the risk of these problems, and bananas are not toxic to dogs, it makes sense to boost their intake slightly as they mature.

“And most importantly, bananas are really tasty!”

When Senior Dogs Shouldn’t Eat Bananas

Even though bananas in moderation shouldn’t cause your senior dog any harm, it’s important to monitor portion size. Bananas contain a lot of sugar, and this can be dangerous for your canine companion in their old age.

“I can’t eat as much sugar as I used to now I’m older because I can’t move around as much, which means it’s easier to put on weight. If I get too big, I could develop heart disease or joint problems. That’s why my owner needs to be careful about feeding me too much banana.”

I’ve heard that bananas can be a good natural remedy for diarrhea in dogs. Is that true, Honey?

“There isn’t enough evidence to prove that bananas are a good home remedy for diarrhea. It’s always best to monitor food intake and take your dog to the vet if they have an upset stomach. This is especially important for senior dogs because we’re more at risk for health problems.”

That makes sense, Honey. So, for all our readers out there, remember that too much banana equals too much sugar, which can increase your senior dog’s risk of health problems. It’s also best to take your dog to the vet rather than using bananas as a cure for diarrhea.

How To Serve Bananas To Senior Dogs

how to serve bananas to senior dogs

Addressing the question, “Are bananas good for senior dogs?” requires attention to both portion size and preparation methods.

We’ve discussed some of the risks of feeding your senior dog too many bananas. But how many is too many? Honey, can you give us some guidelines?

“Woof, woof! Of course! If your mature dog is a larger breed, half a banana per day should be fine. For smaller dogs, two or three pieces are more than enough. Remember, smaller dogs are considered seniors from the age of 7, whereas bigger breeds become seniors at around 11 or 12 years.”

And what’s the best way to serve bananas to a senior dog?

“First, ask our vet if it’s okay. If the vet agrees, prepare the banana by peeling it first to get rid of unnecessary fiber. Then, cut it into small pieces. You can also freeze the banana if your pooch doesn’t like fresh fruit.”

What about banana chips from the store? Are those safe for senior dogs to eat?

“Banana chips make very tasty treats, but it’s best to make them yourself at home. That’s because banana chips from the store might contain extra sugar and preservatives.”

What To Watch Out For When Feeding Senior Dogs Bananas

Honey, are there any signs or symptoms we owners should look out for when feeding our senior pooches bananas?

“If you feed us small amounts of banana with the peel removed, we should be absolutely fine. But, if you notice that we are vomiting or have other stomach-related issues like diarrhea or constipation, take us to the vet.

Constipation is the most worrying sign, especially after eating banana peel, because it could mean we have a blockage.”

Final Thoughts

The main things to remember are to feed larger senior dogs no more than half a banana per day and smaller seniors just a few pieces. This will give them a little boost of potassium to help keep their hearts, nerves, and muscles healthy without too much sugar.

“And don’t forget to peel bananas before giving them to senior dogs as treats! They aren’t toxic for us, but too much fiber can upset our tummies or cause blockages.”

Ultimately, while bananas are a great source of potassium, your canine companion should be getting enough potassium from their dog food. Check with your vet to make sure your pup’s diet is nutritionally balanced.

“That’s right. But all this food talk has made me hungry… Can I have some banana, please?”

So, to answer the question, ‘Are bananas good for senior dogs?’ is yes. However, it’s important to consider factors like portion size and preparation since these can make all the difference.

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