What Can I Give My Senior Dog For Upset Stomach? (Foods To Feed Your Sick Dog)

Is your pooch experiencing tummy troubles, and you are wondering ‘What can I give my senior dog for upset stomach?’ Here are some fixes and solutions for relieving your older dog’s discomfort at home.

What Can I Give My Senior Dog For Upset Stomach? (Foods To Feed Your Sick Dog?)

We all get an upset stomach sometimes, whether we are canine or human, and for the former this can result in diarrhea, constipation, foul odors, and general gastro intestinal discomfort.

More often than not this is caused by something your dog has eaten.

Sometimes I’ll eat anything without realizing it’s bad and it can give me an upset stomach, but this might be a symptom of a sensitive stomach which can require diet change.

If your dog has a persistent upset stomach they might need a diet change and put on different food, or you may require a temporary solution to help a dog pass the bad stuff out.

In today’s article we are going to discuss long term solutions to sensitive stomachs, what to do when you need a temporary fix, and also the causes of an upset stomach in dogs.

Learn more about caring for your senior dog with an upset stomach below.

What Are Symptoms Of An Upset Stomach?

An upset stomach can be used to describe when your dog feels ill.

There are some clear symptoms that your dog might be suffering gastrointestinal issues such as foul smelling flatulence, occasional vomiting, loose stools (diarrhea) or trouble passing stool (constipation).

With younger dogs this can pass and be a simple consequence of eating something bad, whereas this can occur long-term in senior dogs.

If this occurs frequently then there is a large chance your dog might suffer from a sensitive stomach.

This can occur naturally with seniority as your dog’s immune system weakens and they gain intolerances to things, as well as a weaker stomach.

One thing to note is that you might catch your dog eating grass if they do have an upset stomach.

This is their natural response to an upset stomach and can naturally help them pass stool, but we can also do this for them by feeding them some of the foods mentioned later.

What Causes An Upset Stomach?

what causes an upset stomach in dogs

First off, a senior dog can have a sensitive stomach purely as a result of being old and their immune systems weakening.

Food you used to feed them might not cut it anymore. Otherwise there are some more common causes of a short term stomach upset.

  • Dietary Indiscretion – Probably reason number one any dog gets an upset stomach. A dog is not an obligate carnivore as people assume, but they are actually omnivores and pretty indiscriminate with what they eat.

This means they will even eat things that are off, dead, or just not food at all, and this can cause a large amount of stomach discomfort.

Sometimes my eyes are bigger than my stomach – I will literally eat anything so keep an eye on me!

  • Medication – If your dog has taken medication for an ongoing or short term medical issue, they may just not agree with it, especially if they are senior, and this can cause a stomach upset.
  • Stress – An upset stomach can be caused purely by stress, perhaps if a companion has passed away or newcomers in the home.

Did you know dogs have a neuron connection between their stomach and their brain that humans don’t? It means when I’m stressed or sad I can feel it in my stomach.

  • Change in Diet – A senior dog will likely need a diet change at some point and if you have already implemented a diet change this could be the cause of a stomach upset.
  • IntolerancesAs I get older my immune system weakens and sometimes this means I might gain an intolerance, and sometimes an allergy, to something that might have previously been fine.

A trip to the vets can help you understand what kind of diet might suit your senior dog better.

What Can I Give My Senior Dog For Upset Stomach?

foods to give your dog with upset stomach

There are a few kinds of foods that can help both passing stool and stiffening it.

You can feed these foods to your dog if they have suffered from one of the symptoms described and it can provide short term relief where necessary, but it might be worth considering a more long term fix if the issue persists.

  • Rice – Rice can help dogs pass stool, whether it’s bland white rice, or simply the starchy water left behind, this can help stiffen their stool.
  • Pumpkin – This helps with both constipation and diarrhea in dogs, it’s best to opt for fresh and cooked, but canned is fine so long as it isn’t full of salt or other seasonings.
  • Yoghurt – Yogurt with probiotics and active cultures present in yogurt can help gut health in canines as it does in humans, so long as they can stand the milk.
  • Boiled Potatoes – Boiled potatoes without the skin are also effective at stiffening your dog’s stool and helping with digestion.
  • Plain protein – something like a bland chicken breast, or even an egg, can be beneficial to stiffening stool.

What Are Best Sensitive Stomach Dog Foods?

Below we have suggested some commercially available dog foods that might be suitable for your dog if they have prolonged stomach issues indicative of a sensitive stomach in old age.

This is a great wet food option for a dog with a sensitive stomach. While it is full of all the stuff your dog needs, it is engineered to support digestive health.

A lot of the ingredients are easy to digest for the dog and are conducive to passing more normal stool. There are around three flavor options to choose from as well.

This is a really great dry food option that is aimed specifically at dogs over the age of 7.

Not only does it have the calcium and other minerals to improve joint and bone health, but also helps support immunity with antioxidant vitamins.

Yet, importantly, it also contains prebiotic fiber and fiber rich superfoods to ensure your dog passes consistent and natural stools that are helpful for a sensitive stomach.

This is another dry dog kibble that is ideal to support the sensitive stomach of your dog.

It contains high digestible ingredients like chicken and fiber and ensures that all artificial and by product ingredients are omitted so your dog can eat organic and natural rather than consuming by products that are bad for their digestion.

This is also pretty reasonably priced and also supports US dog food makers.

foods to feed your sick dog

Final Thoughts

As you can see there are many causes of an upset stomach in your dog, but also ways to treat it in the short term and the long term.

Here’s the takeaways:

  • When an upset stomach persists it might be time to change your dog’s diet
  • A senior dog’s stomach naturally weakens with their immune system over time
  • Dogs may eat grass to pass stool, which is natural
  • There are foods we can feed them, like pumpkin, to help with digestion
  • There are commercially available dog foods that include prebiotics, fiber, and focus on digestion, in order to help senior dogs with sensitive stomachs.
  • Dietary indiscretion is likely the largest cause of stomach upset in dogs.

To ensure your aging canine companion receives the best care for digestive discomfort and address the question ‘What can I give my senior dog for upset stomach?’ involves collaborating with your vet and making thoughtful dietary choices.

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