10 Best Accessories That Every Senior Dog Needs

Growing old alongside your dog, or at least witnessing them enter their senior years, is a truly wonderful journey. With this list of the best accessories that every senior dog needs, you’ll be fully prepared for anything senior dog ownership throws at you, allowing you to cherish every moment spent with your beloved furry friend.

10 Best Accessories That Every Senior Dog Needs

With age comes new experiences, challenges, and obstacles to overcome – for both humans and dogs.

You might see your pooch slowing down, struggling to play with their toys as much, or having trouble sleeping.

Ageing can be a learning curve for us all, and the best way we can help our dogs is to be supportive of their changing needs.

While their current accessories might be good for adult dogs, senior pooches need more support and comfort. 

With this in mind, we have outlined some of the best accessories that every senior dog needs. From rubber booties to dog wagons, these accessories will help your dog enjoy most of their golden years.

Key Points

To provide your dog with the most comfortable ageing experience, consider the following 10 best accessories that every senior dog needs.

Accessories like comfortable yet supportive beds, soft toys, and carpeted stairs can help them adjust to their golden years. They might also benefit from a supportive car seat cover, rubber booties, and a slip-proof rug.

10 Best Accessories That Every Senior Dog Needs

This list of the best accessories that every senior dog needs includes much more, but these handy items should get you started.

As your dog gets older, they spend more time sleeping. In fact, the average senior dog sleeps up to 18 hours a day, and most of their waking hours are spent lounging. 

Therefore, a high-quality orthopaedic bed is important to provide your dog with the most comfortable experience possible. 

Beds made from memory foam are ideal since they are comfortable enough to support your dog’s joints and firm enough to keep their body rested. 

In addition, these beds are known to retain their density and shape – allowing your dog to get up and down more easily. 

However, you should keep in mind that not all dog beds labelled as “orthopaedic” are the real deal. 

Instead of constantly replacing cheap beds, you should consider investing in a high-quality bed that is sure to last – keeping your senior dog happy and comfortable – Doesn’t that sound great, Pooch?

 “Woof, I’d never leave my bed!”

A regular backseat car hammock is suitable for most dogs. However, when your canine companion gets older, they have difficulty staying on their paws. 

In combination with the slipping surface, you will find them slipping and sliding all over the place – potentially harming themselves. 

However, with a solid-platform car seat cover, your dog can sit or lie comfortably in one place while the car is moving – without having to worry about regaining its balance. 

Here, the panels fold up to accommodate the passenger. Plus, thanks to its soft design, your dog will remain comfortable throughout your journey – making it one of the essential accessories that every senior dog needs.

When your dog gets older, it’ll be harder for them to perform the basic tasks they could once do with ease. This includes jumping up and down heights. For instance, tall beds or sofas or even jumping up. 

As a dog owner, it is hard to deprive your senior dog of these comforts. As such, one of the most valuable accessories that every senior dog needs is carpeted dog stairs.

With the help of these stairs, your senior canine won’t have any trouble climbing up or down the sofa or bed. In fact, they will even feel like royalty when doing so. 

“Woof, I’ve always wanted to be a king!”

The stairs itself can hold up to 130 pounds of weight. Plus, there is a range of variants to suit your dog’s needs, including two or three-stepped stairs. 

The beauty of slip-proof rugs is that they come in all shapes, sizes, and designs – so you’re sure to find something that matches your requirements. 

When it comes to hard flooring, senior dogs suffer an increased risk of falls and slips due to decreased confidence in their stability and unstable joints. 

If your home has laminate flooring, tiles, or hardwood floors, you should consider laying down slip-proof mats to provide extra traction and protection for your dog. 

Carpet runners and throw rugs can be just as effective if you secure them with anti-skid rug pads. As valuable accessories that every senior dog needs, these provide stability and prevent accidents.

Likewise, make sure to block areas of the house which are covered in hardwood flooring with baby gates – to prevent your pooch from injuring themselves. 

As your dog ages, it may experience environmental allergies due to its skin becoming more sensitive. 

In an attempt to relieve the itchiness, you may notice your buddy biting his paws. One solution to this is silicone rubber booties. 

They don’t hold odours and are quick and easy to rinse and clean, and dry quickly when placed on a clothing rack. 

Thanks to the textured grip at the bottom of the boots, your dog can walk on different surfaces without worrying about mobility and stability. They can even be used on hardwood flooring to prevent the dog from slipping. 

Plus, with adjustable straps and a range of different sizes available – you can find the perfect fit for your dog. There are even models that work outside! 

“Woof, instead of Puss in Boots, it should be Doggo in Boots!”

With age, visibility becomes an issue for humans and dogs alike. Impaired vision makes it harder for senior dogs to locate their path, especially in the dark. 

Even with perfect eyesight, navigating the dark can be difficult – we can recall countless times we have hit our pinky toes on wall corners! 

However, technological advancements have allowed motion sensor light – allowing your dog to easily walk around the house, even when it is dark. 

Essentially, these lights will turn on when they detect someone passing them. Therefore, whether your dog needs the toilet in the middle of the night or they are thirsty, it can do its business with ease. 

Generally, your dog’s balance and stability will decline with age, putting them at greater risk of falling and sliding all over the place. 

If your home has hardwood or tiled floors, then your senior dog could benefit from using yoga mats – they serve as a great alternative to rugs and are essential accessories that every senior dog needs.

These provide your dog with the necessary traction and a clear path to make its way around your home. 

Despite being similar to non-slip rugs, yoga mats can be more beneficial since your canine companion can dig their claws into the extra surface when they move around the house. 

That said, be careful when choosing the right thickness – you don’t want something too thick as it may end up being even more slippery. 

Puppy training, potty, or pee pads are simple and disposable options for senior dogs experiencing urinary problems

There are several reasons why your dog may be having urinary issues – some of them more severe than others – therefore, it is best to consult a vet if you notice your senior dog experiencing accidents in the home. 

Regardless of the reasons, potty pads can be used to provide your senior dog with a “safe” spot to relieve themselves while keeping your floor protected at the same time. 

With these pads, the top parts consist of absorbent material, and the back is waterproof. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about any moisture leaking out. 

In addition to this, you could consider purchasing belly bands, canine diapers, and even a waterproof cover to keep your dog’s bed clean.

Despite their old age, your dog will always be up for an adventure – isn’t that right, buddy?

“Woof, I’ll take a fresh stick anyday!”

In fact, everyone loves getting out, exploring, and having an overall good time. This involves dogs, too. 

However, as they age, your dog’s sense of adventure tends to decrease. In addition to new joint pain and mobility issues, your dog can’t walk for long. 

An excellent solution to this problem is a dog wagon – one of the most indispensable accessories that every senior dog needs! Thanks to its collapsible capabilities, you can easily store it somewhere in your home. 

This riding wagon will allow all senior dogs, especially those with walking problems, to make the most of the outdoors. 

It can even be used to transport your dog across even the toughest of terrains – allowing your hiking buddy to be by your side throughout the journey. 

In fact, we’ve seen such a recent increase in the demand for dog wagons that we’ve written a dedicated article about the best dog wagons for larger senior dogs.

Poodle about to play with the Lepawit interactive soft dog toy

While your dog may slow down in the later years, this doesn’t mean that their love for play does! In fact, continued physical activity can prevent cognitive dysfunction and help with joint pain. 

That said, you should opt for soft and gentle dog toys for sensitive gums and teeth of senior dogs and ones that require them to think while playing. 


Even if your adventures may be a little less rowdy or don’t last as long, you and your dog can still have a great time together. 

You can help your pet thrive through their golden years and live their best life by getting these best accessories that every senior dog needs.

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