The Government of India has put a ban to the import of dogs for breeding and different commercial activities. Notwithstanding the fact, imports are allowed for internal security by the police force and defence. Besides this, dogs’ import is allowed for certain purposes, like the pet dogs, with related documents and records in the importer name, and pet dogs with a valid pet dog. 

Dog breeds that get imported by R&D organizations conduct proper research. While there is no dog breed banned in India, you need to keep in mind that there are wide assortments of dog breeds that are not suitable for the country’s tropical climate. Some of the dog breeds which are known to be dangerous or are not ideal for Indian residents are enlisted below:

Topics to Talk About

Indigenious Himalayan Mastiff

Also referred to as the Himalayan Guard Dog, this dog breed is found in the Himalayan region. It is recognized to be a lovable and calm dog that is going to please the matter. You need to keep in mind that this dog breed cannot live in warm weather. They are not fond of living in the company of other breeds of dogs. If a male dog breed is fully grown, it can take almost two wolves alone. 

This dog breed is known to have a calm and gentle nature. In case anything goes wrong, it is known to be extremely ferocious. This dog breed boasts of the double, dry and long coat. They are found in black, along with grey-black, dark grey, red, yellow and solid black colors.

Pit Bull

It is recognized to be an aggressive and dangerous dog breed. If you want to own this dog breed, it needs proper and extensive training to prevent aggressive outbursts. There are a plethora of countries across the glove which has put a pun on the dog breed.

Pitbull is recognized to be an aggressive dog breed that comes with the life span of about 11-12 years. They are found in black, white, brown, creamy and white colors. It is primarily used for fighting. Also, this dog breed showcases aggressive behavior. If you are looking for an ideal choice to pet the dog, it is not the best choice.


It is another dangerous dog breed that boasts of outstanding strength. It is extremely dangerous. It is responsible for several deaths every year. You will be surprised to know that this dog breed comes with an extremely powerful bite in the range of 1,180-1,60 Newton.

German Shepherd

This dog breed has a bite force of about 1,060 Newtown. According to certain studies, this dog breed tends to attack and bite the smaller species of dog. They are known to serve as police dogs.

Doberman Pinscher

This dog breed serves as police dogs. They showcase aggression towards unknown people. The reputation of this dog breed is improving in the latest years. The strength and size make them dangerous.


It is recognized to be an intimidating and larger dog breed. They have a weight of about 130 pounds. Owing to the large size, they are recognized to be imposing animal. If you want to keep this dog breed, it is essential to train this dog breed. They are bred as guard dogs. Besides this, it will help if you keep in mind that this dog breed naturally comes with an aggressive temperament.

Indian Mastiff

It is recognized to be a more robust and larger dog breed, which is also referred to as Indian bully, Pakistani bully, Sindh mastiff, and Kumaon mastiff. Bulli happens to be the original breed name. It is known to be tough and rough.

 This dog breed comes with muscular, broad-headed, heavy boned and strong dog breed, which comes with higher stamina and energy. They have gained an increased prominence for the outstanding fighting instincts. Belonging to India’s Sindh origin, you can find them in brindle, white, black, red and fawn colors. It is known to be the most dangerous dog breed in the country of India.


This dog breed has become widely popular as the sled dog. They are known to be energetic and athletic as well. Also, they have served as working dogs in the past. They also are not meant to the social. So, they are not the best choice for pets in India. They are responsible for several deaths in the country.


This dog breed is referred to as the sled dogs. They are also known as intimidating dogs, which are well renowned for the higher prey drives.

Indian Mastiff

Also referred to as Bully Kutta, this dog breed is known to be the strongest and largest dog breed. It has gained high popularity as the Sindh mastiff, Kumaon Mastiff, Indian bully and Pakistani bully. It is known to be a heavily wrinkled dog. It is also becoming widely popular as the tough and rough character. 

They boast of muscular, broad-headed, heavy boned and robust dog breed along with higher stamina and energy. They showcase aggressive fighting insights. Hence, it is not the best choice for pets.


It has gained high popularity as the powerful and tall dog. Also, it serves as the fighting and guarding dog. It is becoming widely popular as guarding skills and sharp instincts. They are available in two different districts of Trichy and Thanjavur of the Southern part of India. Other than this, they are known to possess erect ears, broad and powerful muzzles, which are known to be black in color.


It contributes to being a powerful working dog that boasts of an aggressive temperament. It boasts of the broad and deep chest, powerful jaws and erect ears. They are capable of fighting the intruders to death.

The dog breeds, as mentioned above, are extremely dangerous. Some believe that they should be banned in the country as they are responsible for many deaths.