Puppies and dogs are known to be exciting. Do you want to think the breed the dog? Are you thinking that the intact dogĀ  can be pregnant? Well, the answer is that the dogs will be experiencing generally the first estrus cycle.

It contributes to being an integral part of reproductive cycle, in which they will be falling pregnancy at about 6 months age.

Majority of the dogs experience heat two times each year. But, there are a plethora of variables which will affect when the dog gets pregnany. In this article, you will be capable of having an indepth look at the female dogs’ estrus cycle.

Topics to Talk About

Symptoms that the dog is in heat

If you are the owner of the intact female dog, it will take some time for working it out, as the pooche remains in heat.

The very first symptom that the dog has entered into the estrus cycle, is considered to be the external vulva sweeling.

It might however not be obvious immediately. The very first symptoms, noticed by the dog parent is known to be vaginal bleeding. In certain cases, it is not going to appearn, till many days have passed after the estrus.

There are certain animals who are going to experience discharge in small amount. Other animals, on the other hand, possess heavy bleeding. THe dog is going to have a higher attention level to the rear end.

It might begin licking the specific part, during the times. After the duration of 7-10 days of the cycle, there will be a change of the vaginal discharge to the pinkish-red and watery color.

In addition to this, you will find that the female dog will find marking behavior, once it is in the heat phase. It is an indication that she is passing urine in smaller amount frequently. Besides this, the urine comprises of hormones and pheromones, which will provide a sign to the interested males. The female dog breed will get attracted to the male dogs, from the beginning of the estrus cycle. So, she is not going to be ready for mating for another 7-10 days.

Dog pregnancy science

Majority of the dogs will reach the sexual maturity at about 6 months age. THe smaller breeds of dogs possess the first estrus cycle at the younger age. THe giant dog breeds should be about two years old or 18 months, before it enters into the heat, for the very first time.

For most of the dogs, enter into the heat, twice every year, for each six months roughly. However, most of the dogs differ between the individual dogs and the dog breeds. There are smaller dog breeds which will be cycling three times each year.

On the other hand, the giant dog breeds enter into the heat after the duration of 12-18 months. For the growing female pooch, it will take the duration of two years to get settled into the regilar cycles.

Owing to these variables, a specific season of the year is referred to as the breeding season. Here, the dogs will be entering into the heat, following the internal cycle. The heat cycle is going to last for about 2-3 weeks in the dogs. Ovulation will occur as the vaginal discharge will get watery after the duration of 7-10 days. The female dog reached the fertility and gets receptive to different males. But, ovulation will generate potentially at the earlier or later phases of the cycle. Hence, it is necessary to opt for the ebest time forr mating the dog. In this context, the veterinarian should perform the vaginal smear test or blood test for figuring out the prerequisite and optimum time to mate.

Spaying the Female Dog

If you wonder about the dog who becomes pregnant, the best option is to make her spayed, as she has reached into the estrus cycle. As there is no specific time frame, majority of the veterinarians will be recommending the sterilization, before the specific dog will be reaching the age of six months.

But, spaying will occur primarily at the age of eight weeks. The process of spaying includes the process of removal of the uterus and ovaries. It contributes to being the major surgery.

There are a wide assortment of reasons, why the dog should be spayed. THe dog is going to have the reduced risk of the mammary gland cancer and the pyometra. Spaying the female dog plays an integral role in preventing the unwanted litters.

It is also useful in decreasing the issues of overpopulation of the pet. You require avoiding any sort of changes in behavior, which include the calling for the mates, frequent urination, to name a few. You do not need to get stressed about how to deal with males which get attracted to the female breed, present in the heat phase. Also, the dog spaying cost is lesser, compared to the cost, to care for the puppies litter. So, you should reach out to the veterinarian to find when it is the right time to spay the pet.

Tips to care for the pregnant God

The pregnancy of a dog will last for the duration of 63 days approximately which is a bit more than two months.

But, it is challenging to diagnose the pregnancy in the initial three weeks. It is essential to feed her the proper diet to ensure the well being of the dog and the puppy. With the progress in the pregnancy, it is a prerequisite for the dog to eat more.

Hence, you should reach out to the veterinarian to find if any changes are necessary in the diet. Besides this, it will help in assuring the healthy and well being of the puppy and the dog.

THe dog requires eating more with the progression of the pregnancy. As you take your pooche to the veterinarian regularly, it will be useful to the dog to remain healthy during the pregnancy period.

It is essential for the pregnant dog to exercise regularly. It is also beneficial in maintaining the muscle tone. Also, it helps to maintaining a healthy weight. In addition to this, you should ensure that you should remain updated with the different parasite controls and vaccinations during the period of pregnancy.