A wide assortment of dog breeds are available in the market which can be excellent pets for your home. They are suitable for the farm and suburban families. There are a plethora of family dogs which are playful with your kids.

They boast of obedient and caring character. Besides this, they are known to be quite smart and well trained. In addition to this, they are regarded as out of the ordinary watch dogs. In this write-up, you can seek information about the different types of dog breeds, which you should purchase from the market:

Topics to Talk About


This dog breed comes with the life expectancy of about 12-15 years. They boast of friendly and curious dog breed. It has become widely popular as a cute pet dog breed. It comes with an oustanding sense of smell. It comes in brown, tan and black colors. It is available in medium and small size. THey also have medium length hard coat and short hair.

German Shepherd

This dog breed features smart, couragerous and loyal temparement. It includes the longevity of about 9-13 years. They boast of couageous, smart, friendly and diligent. Pet lovers are fond of this dog breed as it does not mind putting its life at stake for your safety. Owing to this, they are recognized to be one of the primary gaurd dogs of the world. Hence, physical activities of sufficient amount is essential for this dog breed.


This dog breed comes with the athletic and sleek breed. It includes the hisory which is going to back for several years. He starts as the coach dog. This dog breed is known to be energetic, playful and highly energetic. It comes with the life expectancy of about 13-16 years.

Indian Pariah dog

Also referred to as Desi breed, it comes from Indian subcontinent. It is easy to train this dog breed. You can opt for this as the guard dog or police dog. It comes with the life expectancy of about 13-14 years. It has a courageous, easy to adapt and easy to train dog breed. 


It contributes to being a sporty and smart dog which can be trained easily. It boasts of the large body and head, powerful jaws and square muzzle. In addition to this, it is friendly, gentle, protective and quiet. It also serves as a guide for blind people. It comes with protective nature and inherent patience. It has gained a high popularity as the dog of the children. It is available in different colors, such as white, frawn, and brinfle.


This dog breed comes with extensive budnel of energy, present within the small body. Dog parents love this dog breed for the ever alert expression. You can find them in two different sizes of miniature and standard. It has a loud barking as well. It has the life expectancy of about 10-14 years. It includes a courageous and stubborn temparement.

Great Dane

It has gained a high prominence as the Apollo of Dogs. It is recognized  to be a loyal guard dog. It is very easy to train this dog breed. This dog breed is fond of children as well. You can find them in different colors, such as Harlequin, hat, fawn, white, red and brindle. It has fun loving, bright and very active temparement.

Cocker Spaniel

It is recognized to be a dog breed of medium siz, which comes with dark almond eyes shape. It boasts of the average litter size. Owing to the size, it is easy to stay with it in an apartment. It includes a silky coat of medium length which is known to be a bit wavy and flat. You can find in different shades of black along with tan lines, parti-color, merle, white with brown and black. It has a longevity of about 10-14 years. This dog breed boasts of gentle, happy and smart temparement.


This dog breed is recognized to be a fierce and affectionate protection. It has become widely popular as the prerequisite choice for the family. Owing to the tremendous strength, this dog breed showcases extreme loyalty to the loved ones. This dog breed is known to be an excellent companion for your home. You should make sure to socialize it straight from the puppyhood to ensure that it is well behaved. THough they possess the short coat, you can be ensured that they are going to loss hair in decent amount. You should make the right use of dog brush, which plays an integral role in removing the dead undercoats. It is effective in decreasing the hair fall in a considerable manner. You can find this dog beed in black, tan, black and mahogany colors. This dog breed boasts of the couragerous and self assured temparement along with good nature. It also comes with the longevity of about 8-10 years.


It is recognized to be an excellent dog breed, which is a wonderful choice for the residents of apartments and smaller households. Though the hair drop of this dog is very small, it is easy to keep this dog. This dog breed does not require bathing on a wide scale. They need trimming of nails everyday. They are not comfortable with the long nails. They are available in different colors of Silver Fawn, Apricort, Fawn, and Black. It includes the longevity of about 12-15 years. Also, it has a playful temparement.

If you are looking forward to selecting an excellent family dog for your home, you should choose from either of these above mentioned breeds. THey comprise of an excellent temparement and active energy level. The temparements will differ, following the individual animal. Are you searching for an excellent pet dog for your home? Well, you can opt from either of these above mentioned breeds as they are easy to train. THey are believed to be a wonderful choice  for the apartments. This dog breed can be a wonderful addition for your family. You are sure to enjoy to the fullest as you opt from either of the above mentioned dogs.