Speaking of the strength in the dogs and the fighting strategy, most people are known to possess varying opinions since the variable is known to be numerous. There are wide assortments of dogs, which are known to be stronger than the pitbull.

As you go through this write-up, you will be capable of seeking information about which dogs are stronger than the pitbull:

Topics to Talk About

Chow Chow

This dog breed has its origin in the Northern part of China. They were bred as the working dog. Inspite of having a fluffy appearance, they can protect your livestock for several years. According to few records, this dog breed provides support to the Mongolian army during the battle.

 This dog breed is known to have a sturdy build. Besides this, they feature a double coat which offers protection to them from adverse weather elements. In addition to this, they tend to be over-protective and aggressive.

Hence, you should make sure to socialize them properly as they are young. This dog breed is believed to b a suitable choice for dog owners living in smaller arrangements, like the apartment. With the bite force of about 220 PSI, they are regarded as excellent protectors’ dogs.


It is another strong dog that has its origin from Sivas City. They are regarded as guard dogs, which offer protection to the sheep and different flocks against the bigger predators, like jackals, wolves, bears, to name a few. This dog breed has gained high popularity due to its protective nature, loyalty, and gentle behaviour towards kids and animals.

 You should remember that this breed is not the suitable option for dealing with strangers due to the protective nature. Hence, it might be a bit challenging to take them for a walk during certain times.

You should ensure to give them socialization properly at the younger age so that they do not exhibit aggressive behaviour as they meet with strangers.

Featuring agility and stronger muscles, this dog breed is capable of taking down the predators of medium size in no time. This dog breed is known to possess higher strength. This dog breed comes with the bite force of about 743 psi.

American Bandogge

It is another dog breed that comes with the more vital bite force of about 730 PSI. It is capable of tearing the limb and haunting people with scars. This dog breed has gained a high prominence owing to the heavy built.

Cane Corso

It is recognized as an imposing and large dog breed that belongs to Roman antiquity’s larger canine. The dogs of the similar breed are known to act as the catch dogs within rural areas.

The imposing and large head happens to be a prominent feature of this dog breed. It is flaunting the lustrous short coat, which is either fawn or black in color.

This dog breed boasts of the bite force of about 700 PSI. This dog breed is known to be affectionate and obedient towards the members of the family as they exhibit a specific preference.

Besides this, these dog breeds are known to be extremely intelligent. As they are quite eager to learn, it is easy to train this dog breed. The over protectiveness and stronger prey drive might be a concern as there are pocket pets.

Dogue De Bordeaux

Also referred to as Bordeaux Mastiff and French Mastiff, this dog breed is known to be the laidback companion. They boast of the biting force of about 556 PSI. They are known to be extremely tolerant towards children. Besides this, this dog breed comes with the monstrous skull and powerful build.

Tosa Inu

This dog breed comes with the bit strength of about 556 PSI. This dog breed is known to be loyal, dignified, and honest. They can cope with a wide assortment of activities until they receive better leadership and proper training.

English Mastiff

It is recognized to be a larger dog breed that comes with the bite force of about 556 PSI. This dog breed is known to be powerful and calm. They have become widely popular as talented and ferocious war dogs as well, which boast of a gentle and calm nature.

They contribute to being the extremely gentle nature, who will be watching the kids with extreme grace and care. It is recognized to b a large dog breed that does not need many plays, like other dog breeds, in the market.

However, you need to keep in mind that they need an ample amount of food portion daily. Owing to the extensive bite force, they are capable of breaking all the bones of the body at ease.

Dogo Canario

It has gained high popularity as the lethal canine, which comes with the most substantial bite of about 540 PSI. So, it can result in serious injury and death, owing to hemorrhage.

This dog breed is loved on a wide scale as they are known to be extensive guard dogs. They require a big yard for playing. Besides this, they require regular mental stimulation on a wide scale.

Dogo Argentino

It is a popular dog breed that comes with the bit strength of about 500 PSI. This dog breed has gained a high reputation owing to the heavy stature and faster reflexes. You will be amazed to know that this dog breed is capable of defeating the buffaloes and wild boards without any challenges.

Though this dog breed happens to be extremely aggressive, they are not going to snap without any rhyme or reason. With obedience training and earlier socialization, you can be ensured that these dogs are a great addition to the family.

The dogs, as mentioned in this article, are known to be stronger than the pitbull. Most of them come with an extensive bite force which makes them the perfect guard dog. However, you need to be an experienced dog parent in order to deal with this dog breed.