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Being pet lovers, we all know that our dogs play well in grass. So, is it possible for all dog lovers to have a lawn in our home? Absolutely, no right? But at the same time, do you like to disappoint your dog by not giving him the thing that makes him happy? Does is not how you reciprocate to the love that he shows right?

The best solution that I give to you is the usage of artificial grass. Artificial grass can fit into any area like balcony, yard and terrace. 

The best way to give your dog his key to happiness is the usage of artificial grass. When you have a balcony in your home you can decorate it with artificial grass so that it seems to be a small and neat lawn for our dogs. An added advantage to artificial grass is that it can’t be dug up and can’t make your muddy. The artificial grasses have no toxic layers that can harm our dogs.

Here I am giving you some best artificial grass for your dogs.

Things to consider:

Before buying the artificial grass for your dogs, there are few things to consider. 

  • Obstacles: 

Before laying the artificial grass, we have to first look into whether there are any obstacles or barriers for the dog to reach the grass. The place where you lay must be without any barrier i.e., without door so that dogs does not want to depend on you take up their recreation. 

  • Quality: 

The next thing to consider is the quality of grass. If the artificial grass is very thick and rigid in its shape it has no purpose in using it. So, when you buy the grass, you have to look if the product is soft and non-sticky or not poking into dogs’ legs. It may hurt them and make them hate the area. 

  • Pile: 

The next thing to consider is the pile level i.e., the length of the grass. It may seem to good to get a lengthy one but after a quite short period of time and after continuous usage the grass may go flat and may not attract dogs. 

  • Weight and Height: 

The height refers to the height of the grass mat from the floor. If it is too high, dogs can climb every time on it with effort. Even it is difficult to us to get along with our pets. By the term weight, we have to go for a less weight product as it will be easy to clean. 

  • Infill: 

The infill that is given in the grass is what that makes it flexible. It is good to go for sand and rubber crumb filled one.

  • Color: 

The most important thing to consider while buying the artificial grass is about the color. There are lot of color in grass like, light green, olive green etc. so this is completely based on one’s own interest. 

  • Maintenance: 

Maintaining the artificial grass is quite easy. Nut only when you maintain it you can use it for longer period of time. 

  • Texture: 

The most important thing to consider is the texture of the mat. It is good to get a mat that is made of rubber rather than plastic. Plastic grass can harm the dog’s legs and can seem to be very hard to sleep. But when you prefer rubber you can confidently lay your dogs down and be sure that it is comfortable.

These are some necessary things to that to be considered while buying the artificial things.

Best artificial grass for dogs:

Here are few good products that you can get for your dogs. All artificial grass mats are priced as per the dimensions. You can customize the dimensions, specify them and get it home. All the mats can look attractive. But few are the best one to fit for our pets. And once if they love the grass, it is going to be their resting area and the dogs tend to stick to them most of the times.

Hence, to ensure the best artificial grass for dogs, here are few best products. 

PZG – Pet Zen Garden’s artificial grass:

This is a great value lush green grass. This feels great under bare foot and is perfectly safe for both kids and pets. This gives a beautiful realistic look. The grass blades are about 1” in length. This is consciously manicured and needs no additional filler to make them stay upright. This is very durable and lasts long be it through rain or sunlight. This requires low maintenance and the manufacturers have conveniently paced holes in the bottom to drain water so that it does not hold. And this mat is made from weather resistant yarns i.e., both UV resistance and frost proof. 

Perfect Turf – Antimicrobial PET GRASS

This is also a wonderful product with anti-microbial agents built with and it has also got pores for draining which is also a feature to reduce the odour. It has got two tone polyethylene grass blades that makes it too similar to natural look. This is thoroughly an enjoyable product. 

GOLDEN MOON Grass Mat Series Artificial Turf

The exclusively custom GOLDEN MOON artificial grass is used for your pets with high permeability and antibacterial which is able to protect your pets’ skin from bacteria interference. Many veterans also say that this is one compulsory thing to have when someone has a pet. This is made out of artificial grass that it looks so real. This has also got the pores that helps for draining of water or any other liquid flow. 

PUP Grass

This is quite different from other grass which has loaded their mat with anti-bacterial agents so that it inhibits bacteria’s and flies to near them. This is also completely safe for dogs and their people. This is very durable and can be installed even over soil. 

GL Artificial turf grass:

This mat is made by “Goasis lawn”. Their products are 100% natural. Their grass is UV protected for 8 – 11 years. It has got features like 

  • UV proof
  • Eco friendly
  • Low maintenance
  • Weather resistance
  • Strong high density
  • Soft to touch
  • Drainage holes
  • Easy to clean and most importantly 
  • Gets dried quickly. So, it is ok to wash it regularly.

PETMAKER’S artificial grass puppy pad:

This pet pad encompasses a three-layer system that makes clean up effortless. The odour resistant, antimicrobial mat sits on top of the plastic insert that locks in and allows liquid to drain into the durable collection tray. Cleaning this mat is quite easy. We can just rinse the pad with soapy water. The drainage holes are present in the detachable tray and so that it can easily get drained. Because of this the grass mat is always dry and ready to use. This is a good doggy accessory. 

Golden Moon artificial turf grass tile:

Rather than laying out as a mat, the pad and tile with artificial grass can add a value and a source of attraction to your home and dog. With every order you receive 6 tile pieces. All the product is eco friendly and the surface can be recycled. And we require no additional tools or labour to help this lay. And the grass does not lose its colour. 

Icustomrug store indoor and outdoor turf rugs:

This is one of the light weights, easily transportable and foldable mat that looks so beautiful when laid upon on our floor and terrace. This mat is anti-shedding i.e., the grass does not shed off for quite a longer period of time. this is also naturally stain resistant and all the edges are carefully blended so that it does not harm our pets. 


So, by now we have come across various products that are good. It is good to have artificial grass in homes for the sake of pets. They love to get engaged with it. Artificial grass has also come up with pores in their bottom to help drain the liquids. This helps to have them clean and dry. This also prevents unwanted odour. As the waste gets drained, we can avoid flies to reach this.  Here I have included some of the best artificial grass for dogs. In case if there is something that is left out, kindly do let me know in the comment section so that me and my team is ready to add it up to the lists. One thing to consider while maintaining all these mats are not to use any harsh chemicals or detergents to clean them. That may harm the pet’s health, skin and even ours. Hand wash with less amount of warm water is good for cleaning them.